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The mission of Kriola’s Professional Association is to bring together Cape Verdean women of diverse occupations and to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow professionally and personally through networking, leadership, and education.



Our programming highlights KPA’s principles of professional development, commitment to the community and social interaction. Our programming aims to address a variety of topics including: career readiness, financial literacy, personal branding, networking, college readiness, service learning, health & wellness, recreation, and real-talk discussions.



We seek to meet like-minded Kriolas and other women of color who might become a potential mentor, partner, or employee.


This includes but is not limited to professionals, entrepreneurs, and students (high school and collegiate).


Criolas Contra Cancer


We chose to work with KPA because it is our rule of thumb always to encourage innovative projects. It has been refreshing to see young women taking the initiative and putting in motion their ideas to improve our community. Working with KPA has inspired us to continue our work, and in the process, expand our network.

KPA’s mission is what captivated my attention to join this exhilarating journey with a phenomenal, driven, and compassionate group of Kriolas. The mission aligns with my values and morals, therefore, I knew undoubtedly that I wanted to be involved. KPA is on a mission to accomplish extraordinary endeavors, and this is just the beginning. It has been a gratifying experience learning and building with an incredible group of women thus far, and I can only imagine the bond that will be created over time to keep KPA flourishing.


- Neilda Alves, Director of Development

Luanda Restaurant and Lounge

We chose to work with KPA because it's an amazing organization that aligns with many of the community-focused ideals that Luanda also stands for. Our experience working with KPA was excellent in every sense of the word. The leadership and membership of KPA is punctual, organized, diligent, and friendly! 

From working with KPA our business was blessed with more diverse events, greater visibility (especially on social media), and overall our reputation was elevated even higher in the eyes of our community.

I love working closely with amazing women who have very strong skill sets and have the ability to inspire me every day. The women of KPA not only work closely together to bring the best product/service from the association but also support, guide, and motivate each other to thrive for more. I am thrilled for the opportunity of being part of KPA and be able to give back to the Cape Verdean community. 


- Larissa Ramos, Director of Mentoring Program

When Tamara called and said “why don’t we start a professional association for Cape Verdean women” I was excited to listen. There’s currently not one physical or virtual place where professional and aspiring professional women can come together, talk, share ideas, and help one another grow. Today I am proud to be part of KPA and help lead this venture to advance Cape Verdean and other women of color while bringing our community together and creating opportunities for development. KPA is filled with strong, driven, and intelligent women. I have already learned so much by being challenged and working closely with all these amazing women. Yet, this is only the beginning as the future sure does look promising.

- Nicole Veiga, VP of Operations

I am so excited to be apart of KPA and be surrounded by intelligent and driven Cape Verdean women. We all came from different backgrounds, sharing one common goal to unite like-minded individuals to grow professionally by sharing connections and having meaningful workshops. KPA empowers Cape Verdean women by encouraging them to pursue their career goals and aspirations. The most exciting part about KPA is having a safe space where you have the freedom to choose how you want to be challenged, and being comfortable with being uncomfortable.

- Seila Carvalho, Budget Analyst

KPA has giving me the opportunity to share my journey as a Cape Verdean Woman who moved to the U.S with the mission to achieve the American Dream. The best part has been working with like-minded Kriolas, who bring different essential talents to the table, organize & deliver! I am excited for us to break the status quo and create more opportunities for other Kriolas and other women of color through our mission and principles!

- Chantal Lima Barbosa, VP of Programming

As soon as I heard about KPA through my best friend, I knew I needed to get involved. My identity as a Black Cape Verdean woman is something that's a very important part of who I am and my experiences. KPA has allowed me to meet and connect with other strong, driven, and empowering women who are on a mission to better themselves and those around them. As the Director of Communications, I've been able to use my passion for art and graphic design to share our mission and vision with the world, and I am excited to see where it goes from here! I believe everyone and anyone can benefit from KPA in their own way, and I encourage everyone to take advantage of this amazing opportunity to connect and grow.


- Sarah Andrade, Director of Communications

One of the proudest things I am is being a Cape Verdean woman,  and I look forward to helping women of my community reach their full potential. I decided to join KPA's leadership team because it allows me to give back to my community.

I know the impact that mentoring has, and I also know that the impact is even stronger when you can identify with your mentor. I want to connect and help women in our community, especially young women, with professional and personal development. My goals coincide with KPA’s mission, which is “to bring together Cape Verdean women of diverse occupations to provide opportunities for them to help themselves and others grow personally and professionally through leadership, education, networking, and support.

-Sweila Cardoso, Mentoring Program Coordinator